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Edward is trained in Nervous System Health, Chinese Massage & Pressure Points, Breathwork, Nerve Flossing, Qi Gong, Biofield Energy Healing, Yoga and Meditation. He constantly studies modern approaches to anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and developmental patterns. 
Having been caught in an avalanche, and suffering from PTSD, Edward went on a path to discover how to heal himself. 
Edward is passionate about using breathwork and movement to heal the nervous system, based on his own lived experience, research, training and years of clinical practice.
Lynette is a Medicine Woman from the UK. She has extensive experience of holding sacred circle and her medicine of Cacao always features in her breathwork ceremonies. She runs a womens clinic in Umalas.
Andrea is trained in Meditation, traditional Tantra Hatha Yoga, Bodywork and Breathwork. He's specialised in Conscious Connected Breathing focused on trauma and emotional release.
Following traditional Yoga and Meditation practices combined with the power of the breath, Andrea first handedly experienced healing from depression, creativity blockages and physical injuries.
Coming from a design background, Andrea used the breath to access even deeper inspiration and he's now writing poetry and express his reality with other forms of art. He's now sharing how to use these tools to find a clearer alignment between inner self and outer reality.
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Mattia is an experienced Breathwork practitioner who’s been trained in Conscious Connected Breathing. He is also trained in Qi Gong, pressure points, Yoga, Pranayama, and nervous system response.
Suffering from Asthma and severe anxiety from early childhood, Mattia finally found the way to heal himself through the breath and is excited to share the teachings with others hoping to feel more at home in their bodies.
Mattia combines modern Breathwork  with Bodywork and is committed to learn and teach different techniques that help further deepen the connection between the mind, body, and breath.
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