Why Breathwork?

Edward Dangerfield
December 6, 2020

We breathe approximately 23,000 breaths per day.
Most people breathe around 60% lung capacity.
Our breath may be the most important factor in our life expectancy and levels of happiness.

What if you could breathe deeper, fuller and wider?
Learn how to change your subconscious breathing pattern.

More oxygen, more energy, more cleansing.
We can increase our daily energy levels, and release more toxins if we deepen our breath pattern. More oxygen, less carbon dioxide. Breathing deeply into the abdomen will massage our digestive organs and increase our food nutrient uptake and detox our gut space.

Change gland functions and hormones.
If we breathe shorter and faster we can stimulate the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Slowing our breath will create blood chemistry to cause relaxation. Build awareness of the power of your breath and endocrine system, and learn how to change gland function and blood chemistry through breathing.

Change thought patterns and stabilise brain hemisphere crossover.
Learning “Conscious Connected Breathing” will allow the body’s hormone levels to change brain function. Experience deep clarity, focus and connection. Let go of old patterns and invite in freedom.

Are you ready to breathe?
If you've made it this far, we invite you to be courageous and enquire about the sessions we offer.
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