Treating PTSD effectively with Conscious Connected Breathing

Edward Dangerfield
December 6, 2020

Why Conscious Connected Breathing is the most effective and safest way to treat PTSD.

PTSD is on the rise, in fact we are facing an epidemic that is spiralling.
I have healed my own PTSD after being caught in an avalanche.
I am not a qualified medical professional. I am living proof.
I have treated thousands of people effectively.

In this post I will cover:
What is PTSD
What is Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB)
Why it is so effective
Why it is safe

PTSD defined by encyclopedia Britannica:
“Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), also called post-traumatic stress syndrome, emotional condition that sometimes follows a traumatic event, particularly an event that involves actual or threatened death or serious bodily injury to oneself or others and that creates intense feelings of fear, helplessness, or horror.
The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include the reexperiencing of the trauma either through upsetting thoughts or memories or, in extreme cases, through a flashback in which the trauma is relived at full emotional intensity. People with PTSD often report a general feeling of emotional numbness, experience increased anxiety and vigilance, and avoid reminders of the trauma, such as specific situations, thoughts, and feelings.

PTSD is an emotional condition. It is not only a mental condition.
We know that the human emotions are created by the glands.
Together the glands form the endocrine system.
The endocrine system is controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System.
This creates information for the limbic area of the brain, the area that processes and receives emotional information.

PTSD is a condition which impacts the emotions, mind and body.
It is a holistic condition.
As such it needs a holistic approach.

A trauma is an emotional response to a stimulus that stays active.
PTSD is a cognitive distortion that the being is under threat.
It effects the HPA axis, changing brain function.
As such, the endocrine system produces hormones to respond to threat, most notably adrenaline.
It creates a negative feedback loop.
Adrenaline leads to acidifcation of the body, and further disease.

To heal PTSD the human being must know that the threat is no longer real.
Then the adrenaline glands down shift, and the being rebalances.

What is CCB?
Conscious Connected Breathing is a simple breathing technique that allows the human being to experience a deep state of trauma in a safe space, and “complete” the memory.
The inhale is connected to the exhale. After a few minutes the Default Mode Network of the brain is disabled.
The subconscious processes are allowed to surface.

The latent memories held in the limbic area of the brain are allowed to surface, and with guidance and support the human can re-live the experience.
The memory is then coded into the Hippocampus as “past”.
The being is now perceiving reality as safe.
The body responds with a shift in the endocrine system.
The trauma is then complete.

Why is it effective?
As soon as the trauma is relived, and the memory moves from one area of the brain to the other then the trauma is completed.
The two branches of the Autonomic Nervous System can then function in harmony once more.
If PTSD is based on one incident then it will complete. If it is based on many, then after a few breathwork sessions the being will re-balance.
This is not suppression, numbing or hiding.
It is getting to the root cause of the trauma and completing it. It is done.

Why is it safe?
CCB uses the natural systems and breathing patterns to gently bring to the surface that which is ready. There is no force, no medications, no equipment.
When safely guided, CCB will allow full completion.
It is simply one human, helping guide another.

The natural rhythms of balanced breathing patterns activate the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, and creates the feeling of safety.
The feeling of safety creates a full reset to the body, brain and leads to emotional stability, which leads to recovery.

Are you ready to breathe?
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